Last Words
picture of joy

Valeria Stevenson - July 16, 2020

Dearest Everyone,

I am so honored to receive your beautiful words and expressions, your care, and your appreciation. I have no words to say that can capture my amazement that I could be loved so much, that you have learned from me. I wish you all the most beautiful life full of presence and divinity. Each one of you is full of divinity. Each one of you that has crossed my life is such a gift. It’s unbelievable how much love you have. Thank you, thank you. I wish I never hurt you if I did.

I was waiting to come to a point where I had fully received and understood what I was being given. I’m in so much joy; you would not believe it. I’m just happy. I thought it was going to be sad and scary, but I have not felt one bit of that. I can’t believe I’m so happy; I’m just happy. I wish you all the best. My time on earth is done. I lived a beautiful life.

All is well. All is well.

picture of joy

T.A. Mann

A voice to my friends

Before the coming of events cascade onto the shore like the last wave of the day; before the sound of many birds fade away into the distance; before the last pitter-patter of rain ceases to fall; let me express to you without constraint or resolve my gratitude and appreciation for your company on this journey of life.

I have had a great time. When you compare my life to historical events, I had more fun. I enjoyed the coming and going of this breath as no one has. It has been a moving tapestry of delight from childhood to now. Colors, music, temperatures, feelings, emotions, tastes, fears, attachments, detachments, loves, and sorrows collectively flowing from my paintbrush of life. I want to thank you.

You were all mirrors reflecting my existence. I saw myself through you. It was because of you that motivated me to attempt the things that I did. All of you. All of you were the cacophony of the celebration of life. All of your voices were instruments performing wonderfully. Joys and hopes and efforts and cares and fears, all of it together transformed a handful of dirt into a living, breathing, caring human being, me. If not for you.

There was one of you that showed me the value of my breath. Revealed the golden core you did. With my effort, I was allowed to embrace this sacred moment and it is everything. I have already thanked you personally. I thank you once more.

T.A Mann, April 6, 2020, 5:58pm sitting in the sunroom of my house. It is raining outside. What a beautiful day.




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